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Overhead Conveyor Systems are typically used to convey unit loads in a variety of industrial applications, such as:
Painting - Electrostatic, powder coating, fluidized bed, dip and conventional spray.
Washing - Parts and dunnage.
Oven - Pre-heat, baking, drying, flash off and curing.
Transporting - Products between work stations or plant operations to maximize floor space and increase efficiency.
Storage - Finished Goods, raw materials, work in process, tooling, patterns and fixtures.

To find out how a McNichols Conveyor overhead system can benefit you, e-mail or fax the basic data along with a sketch or proposed layout and we will contact you to solve your conveying problem.

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McNichols Conveyor Company will provide Overhead Conveyor Design & Build Solutions for you.

Please contact our Sales Engineers for assistance with your application. 800 331-1926 or email to
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